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Be a Music Distribution Super Geek

Steven Cravis, Music Distribution Super Geek

When we launched our Super Geek theme song, we asked geeks far and wide to tell us about their geek specialties, and to share some sites that helped them along the way. This can help new coders find their own geeky paths, and even get their own super geeky mentors. Yay!

Since this HTML site also produces music videos, it’s no surprise that we know some super musically-inclined geeks. Today we feature Steven Cravis, a geek who is super savvy on music streaming and promotion.

Be a Music Production Super Geek

Music Production Super Geek Keith Battle in Deal With It glasses (animated gif)

If you’re new to coding, it can be tricky to find your footing. You want to code, but what kind of coder do you want to be? We recently launched our “Super Geek” theme song which got us thinking about this. We’ve invited some of our favorite super geeks to tell us about their specialty, […]

Be A ColdFusion Super Geek

ColdFusion super geek Stephen

What kind of coding geek will you be? How about a ColdFusion geek? In this guest post, AcademyX CEO and super geek Stephen Fraga explains why he loves ColdFusion, and shares some links for those who want to get started with ColdFusion.

Are You a Super Geek?

Design Super Geek Winnie

Lately we’ve been so involved in sharing free HTML tutorials that you may have thought we’d put making educational music videos aside. Not the case! We are currently in production on three songs; it’s just that a music video takes a lot of time and resources to bring to fruition. In fact, the video we […]

The Making of the Super Geek Video

Super Geeks

We just finished shooting the video for our theme song. The original inspiration for the theme song was hearing Rick James sing “Super Freak” on my car radio. I couldn’t help but hear “Super Geek” and decided on the spot a parody song and celebrating geekiness would capture the spirit of Learn HTML with Song—geeky, […]

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