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Use HTML’s Anchor Tag to Create...

The HTML Anchor Tag

Today we’ll learn the most important HTML code of them all! You will learn how to use the HTML anchor tag ( ) to create links. Since the world wide web isfirst and foremost a collection of links, it wouldn’t exist without the trusty anchor tag we’re going to learn today.

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet...

Don't be a dinosaur, use CSS, not HTML, for your styling

Today you will gain an understanding of what CSS is used for, who developed it, and where to write your CSS code. This is the first of a four-part series of lessons about using CSS for web page design.

Are You a Super Geek?

Design Super Geek Winnie

Lately we’ve been so involved in sharing free HTML tutorials that you may have thought we’d put making educational music videos aside. Not the case! We are currently in production on three songs; it’s just that a music video takes a lot of time and resources to bring to fruition. In fact, the video we […]

Mastering HTML Images

Learn HTML with Song Level 4: Images

You may have noticed that we’ve divided our tutorials into sections. This can help you track your mastery as you work your way through our course. If you’ve been following along with our new posts, this month you mastered adding all kinds of images to your HTML posts. If that’s you, congrats! Have a fancy […]

Other Great Sites for Learning to Cod...

Hypertext Markup Language

Our teammate Starr Smith put together this list of resources for anyone looking to learn to code, and Diane thought it would be nice to share it with our readers. Which I (Karma here) think is particularly nice, as some bloggers are not so keen on alerting folks to “the competition.” So-called competition, but we […]

The First Thing New Coders Should Lea...

veerle-pieters on what new coders need to learn

In this post we take a break from tutorials to offer some newbie advice from some of our favorite HTML coders: Vitaly Friedman, Bruce Lawson, Denise Jacobs, Ethan Marcotte, and Veerle Pieters

The Oft-forgotten Definition List Tag

definition list puppy

Learn to structure a list of terms and descriptions as an HTML definition list. A definition list can be any list of words and definitions, such as a dictionary, glossary, technical terms, a product list….you may be surprised how many uses you have for a definition list.

HTML Lessons

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