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Be a Music Distribution Super Geek

Steven Cravis, Music Distribution Super Geek

When we launched our Super Geek theme song, we asked geeks far and wide to tell us about their geek specialties, and to share some sites that helped them along the way. This can help new coders find their own geeky paths, and even get their own super geeky mentors. Yay!

Since this HTML site also produces music videos, it’s no surprise that we know some super musically-inclined geeks. Today we feature Steven Cravis, a geek who is super savvy on music streaming and promotion.

How the Internet Works

tuna disposal kitty

Before we get into servers and web hosts, we want to make sure you understand what’s going on in this crazy miracle we call the WWW. Because it is really quite simple when you get down to it, as simple as saving a file on your own computer. Let’s start there.

HTML Lessons

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