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We just finished shooting the video for our theme song. The original inspiration for the theme song was hearing Rick James sing “Super Freak” on my car radio. I couldn’t help but hear “Super Geek” and decided on the spot a parody song and celebrating geekiness would capture the spirit of Learn HTML with Song—geeky, fun, and proud of it.

This song celebrates the obsessive passion for knowledge that drives geeks. We are a diverse lot: science geeks, geology geeks, music geeks, fashion geeks, typography geeks, design geeks, the list is endless. This one video isn’t part of the tutorials. It’s who we are, and what we stand for.

Super Geeks

We shot the video at Rayko Photography studio in San Francisco. It’s worth visiting Rayko to see their gallery and collection of antique photography gear, including a working photo booth.  In addition to the photo studio rental, they also offer darkroom rental and other services for photographers. This is the second Learn HTML with Song music video we shot at Rayko.

LaeCharles has the moves

Most of the performers were not actors, so we needed lots of direction and help from our trusty videographers, Ekmund Yong and “Jasmine” Yu Tin Ko. They are both fantastic to work with. Jasmine and Ekmund came up from LA prepared with a relaxed attitude and loads of ideas for the shoot. After Ekmund played back a bit of the slow motion videography we all laughed and relaxed and simply had fun. I appreciate the spontaneity that our unscripted video allowed. I can’t wait to see Ekmund’s cut.

It was nice to have LaeCharles Lawerence, Jr. Involved in this project, an experienced performer and musician. His professional experience was great in contrast to the amateur performers who were the geeky girls. LaeCharles is fantastic and we needed him.

LaeCharles Lawerence Jr.

Meet our Super Geeks

We usually hire actors for our music videos, but for this particular video, I thought it would be nice to use authentic geeks. I tried to feature folks who have contributed to the Learn HTML with Song project.

Karma Bennett, our social media expert and editorial girl Friday appears as a Super Geek. Karma wrote the lyrics to this song. She is a grammar geek, a music geek, and an SEO geek.

Karma Bennett

I started the Learn HTML with Song website and have been supporting the project by hiring musicians and videographers to produce these hyper-fun educational music videos that help people learn code. I am a Super Geek, a design and art geek, and I want to celebrate my geekdom, and help others embrace their own.

Diane Presler


Winnie, another Super Geek in our video, is a fashion and a design geek. Winnie loves Japanese culture and is a demon with pixels and the sewing machine. She had just returned from Hello Kitty Con a week before the video shoot, an entire conference of costume-wearing Winnie cuteness. Who else do I know who has four different wigs in her closet?


There is one more geeky woman in our video, but we have decided to leave her identity delightfully mysterious.

What Kind of Geek Are You?

Karma had recently been to Burning Man and had lots of left-over illuminated props for us to play with in the video shoot. I confess I had never heard of “finger lights” before our shoot. For the Super Geek shoot I imagined that we were all design geeks at a rave celebrating our geekdom with pride. I commend both Karma and Winnie for showing up for the video shoot with suitcases full of props.

The Super Geek song includes references to fonts and printing inks (Pantone colors)—this is a nod to the graphic designers who have transitioned from print to digital media. We’ve moved from specifying Pantone inks to choosing RBG colors. We are still design geeks. In this changing landscape our skills evolve. Adrian Frutiger is my favorite font designer. He created many classic sans-serif fonts that designers use on a daily basis. What’s your favorite font? Who designed it? Are you a typography Geek? This song is for you.

You might want to check out the lyrics to SuperGeek, written by Karma Bennett.

Here’s a teaser clip:

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