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Be a Music Distribution Super Geek

When we launched our Super Geek theme song, we asked geeks far and wide to tell us about their geek specialties, and to share some sites that helped them along the way. This can help new coders find their own geeky paths, and even get their own super geeky mentors. Yay!

Since this HTML site also produces music videos, it’s no surprise that we know some super musically-inclined geeks. Today we feature Steven Cravis, a geek who is super savvy on music streaming and promotion.

I’m a Music Distribution Super Geek

Steven Cravis, Music Distribution Super Geek

DEAL WITH IT: Steven Cravis is a proud music distribution super geek.

Creating music and promoting it online is my passion.

In 1997 I learned to make my first digital recordings of original compositions on a Mac, and started observing what made other musicians successful online. Recording solo piano music, and layered, multi-track synth and orchestrated sounds on Apple Logic Pro X is my favorite activity. I distribute to iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon mp3, Spotify, Pandora and more. These days, for the independent musician, it is very important to digitally distribute one’s works to all forms of online music services, both download and streaming. It is equally important, in order to be compensated properly, to be registered with proper organizations that help collect royalties owed. Sometimes registering with them properly depends simply on listing your song titles with each organization.

Sites for Music Distribution Super Geeks

These are the sites I recommend for independent musicians who are ready to promote their work:

Logic Pro X

If you have a Mac and want/need to produce your own recordings, this is one of the best Digital Audio Workstations (also known as DAW). There are many other audio recording software programs available for Windows too.

David Earl’s Logic Pro Training Site

If you’re using Logic Pro my favorite music training site and audio recording teacher is David Earl.


Pick only one of these three to register your song titles for your collection of songwriter/composer and publisher royalties. Be sure to register as both a songwriter/composer AND a publisher.


Register here so SoundExchange collects and distributes royalties to you for the featured artist and the sound recording copyright owner when content is played on a non-interactive digital source.

CD Baby

Use CD Baby to distribute music digitally to all stores that pay.


My favorite company for monetizing OTHER people’s use of my music on their YouTube videos, and to collect for me an extra international mechanical streaming royalty that often gets left unpaid to the artists.

Get Your Music on Pandora

The link above is Pandora’s submission page. Once an album is complete, consider submitting it to Pandora for their consideration. Since 2007 I’ve had over 56,000,000 spins of my music on Pandora. I’m glad I submitted to them starting back in 2007.

Google Alerts

Go here and type in the topics you are most interested in (music or otherwise) and you will receive emails with links to the latest articles and blogs the moment they become available. This has given me an edge in the music industry.

Steven Cravis

Steven Cravis is a pianist, composer and soundtracks producer in San Francisco who’s music has been heard in the award winning QUELL puzzle game app, Animal Planet, CBS, CNN, NBC, Matchroom Sport (UK) and more.

Steven Cravis

Pandora Online Radio (USA, Australia and New Zealand)



Google +






So what kind of Super Geek are you?

While you ponder this question, enjoy our new video, a cornucopia of geeky devotion from design geeks, video geeks, production geeks, blogging geeks, music geeks and more. It takes a village to raise a music video this geeky!

A big thanks to everyone who made this video possible.

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