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In Search of Super Geeks!

Diane Presler

^Proud Super Geek^

We’re working on our next video, which will be the Learn HTML with Song theme. This video, “Super Geek,” will celebrate all the different kinds of coding geeks out there. Our plan is to launch the video with some short posts that honor particular super geeks we know. Are you a super geek? If so, we want to hear about it!

What Kind of Super Geek Are You?

In order to participate, I’d need from you: one paragraph about the kind of geek you are, a second paragraph (or a bullet list) of resources that you use in your geekery. Finally we’d want a photo of you letting your geek flag fly (no actual flag necessary).

Naturally, we’re happy to give you a bio and a link to whatever project you’re eager to promote.

Send your Super Geek guest post application to my DianePresler gmail account. Or send me a note if you’d prefer to see an example post first.

If you don’t want to participate yourself, perhaps you know a super geek who would be perfect for this. If so, please pass this email along. Here’s a list of potential super geeks, to help you get ideas:

  • HTML5 geek
  • web accessibility geek
  • gamer geek (that is, making them)
  • app making geek
  • design geek
  • SEO geek
  • making animated gifs geek
  • buying domain names geek
  • CSS style geek
  • code efficiency geek (that is, obsessed with clean, elegant code)
  • JavaScript geek
  • Flash geek
  • freelance/self-employment geek
  • analytics geek
  • social media geek
  • WordPress geek
  • theme writing geek (e.g. Tumblr or WordPress)
  • passive income geek
  • A YouTube or web video geek

Do you know any proud super geeks? Are you a proud super geek? If so, get in touch! DianePresler (at)


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