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Be A ColdFusion Super Geek

If you’re new to coding, it can be tricky to find your footing. You want to code, but what kind of coder do you want to be? We recently launched our “Super Geek” theme song which got us thinking about this. We’ve invited some of our favorite super geeks to tell us about their specialty, and to share some links related to it.

Today we feature the CEO of a training company in San Francisco, and a proud ColdFusion super geek.

I’m a ColdFusion Geek

ColdFusion super geek Stephen

Stephen is a proud ColdFusion super geek

I love the scripting language ColdFusion! Nowadays the majority of web sites have PHP code and the more adventurous ones use Ruby on Rails or Node.js, but  if you’re serious about getting stuff done quickly, Adobe ColdFusion is the way to go. Unfortunately it’s not a popular language, but it really should be. It’s easier to learn than any other language, it’s been built specifically for web developers, not for general purpose programmers. That means that Adobe has built in features for all the things that web developers find hard to do in PHP: adding a search-your-site or full-text search of a database; sending and receiving text SMS messages, authenticating users, prefilling forms, creating PDFs on the fly, forcing document and recordset downloads, and creating editable tables populated with a database recordset. It costs  $750 to get all the latest features (datasheet here), but there are also free equivalents available with 95% of the features.


Sites for ColdFusion Geeks

Stephen Fraga is the CEO of AcademyX a San Francisco-based software training company with branches in Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Jose.


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