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Validate Your HTML Code

How you feel when you learn about the HTML validator

Is your code valid? This post will teach you how to validate HTML. You’ll learn how choosing the right Doctype will help you insure your page is truly valid and you’ll get tips about using the W3C Validation service effectively.

HTML5 Tutorial: The New HTML5 Doctype

HTML5 Dinosaur

This is an introduction to the new and simplified doctype for HTML5 pages.This lesson focuses in more detail on the new HTML5 Doctype, and a few other changes in HTML5 that will make your coding life simpler and leaner.

Doctype: All Your Pages Need a Doctyp...

what is a doctype bunny

What is a Doctype? Why do you need one?This is a short and simple post explaining all that gobbledygook at the top of your HTML page. I’ll introduce you to the different Doctype declarations: the strict XHTML type, the transitional Doctype, the basic HTML4 Doctype, and I’ll introduce the newer, simpler, HTML5 Doctype.

HTML5: Learn HTML5 Syntax (With Examp...

html5 syntax has looser standards, says a dinosaur

To begin our HTML5 Tutorial, I’ll explain what makes HTML5 different, why these changes were made, and give examples of new HTML5 syntax.

Strict XHTML vs HTML vs HTML5

Strict XHTML asaurus

XHTML, HTML, HTML5…all these acronyms, but what’s the difference? Should you be writing your code in strict XHTML, or HTML? In this post you’ll learn what XHTML is, how it differs from HTML4 or HTML5, and all you need to make your code strict XHTML compliant.

Learn HTML Syntax and You’ll Ha...

HTML syntax is grammar

Learning about the structure of HTML is so important I’m devoting this whole post to helping you learn HTML syntax. Focusing on the pattern of HTML will make remembering the code a breeze. Once you learn HTML syntax, you’ll know the basic building blocks of hundreds of HTML codes!

The HTML Line Break Tag

the html line break tag

In HTML there are several kinds of ways to break up your text. There’s the paragraph tag and the line break tag. In this post you’ll learn about the line break. I’ll explain why HTML needs both line breaks and paragraph breaks, and when to use each.

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