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Learn HTML File Naming Conventions

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How to appropriately name files that are used in websites and why there are limitations to what you can name a file. We’ll go over what the limitations are to file names and further, what are the best practices.

The Root Directory

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If you’re going to be building web pages, you’ll need to understand how file structures work, so you can actually put the HTML code you’ve written up on the World Wide Web. Thus for one of our first lessons you’ll learn about directory structure and teach you what the root directory is, what to name your root directory, and why root is important.

How to Upload a Web Page to the Inter...

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It’s no use learning HTML if you have no way to get that code onto the Internet. In this HTML lesson we’ll go over the basics of how to upload a web page to the WWW.

What Is a Server?

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What You Learn in This HTML Lesson This is Part II of a three-part series on How the Internet Works. In this section you’ll learn the answer to the questions: What is a server? What is a web host? And what’s the difference between a server and a web host? In Part I of this […]

How the Internet Works

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Before we get into servers and web hosts, we want to make sure you understand what’s going on in this crazy miracle we call the WWW. Because it is really quite simple when you get down to it, as simple as saving a file on your own computer. Let’s start there.

What Is A Text Editor? …and Why...

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In this HTML lesson I’ll cover the very basic question of what program you’re going to be using to write all of this code, the text editor.

Learn HTML Code the Easy Way


Learning HTML Code Has Never Been Easier What You Learn in This HTML Lesson Before we get into the details of HTML code, this intro is a booster to explain what HTML stands for, why you should take the time to learn HTML, and why you should learn HTML now. Now is the Time to […]

HTML Lessons

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