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If you’re new to web development, it can be tricky to find your footing. You built a site, and now you’re wondering if anyone will find your site. We recently launched our “Super Geek” theme song which got us thinking about this. We’ve invited some of our favorite super geeks to tell us about their specialty, and to share some links related to it.

Today we feature Priyanka Lalwani, to share her passion for search engine optimization (SEO), and some of her favorite tools.

Meet SEO Super Geek Priyanka Lalwani

SEO Super Geek Priyanka Lalwani

SEO Super Geek Priyanka Lalwani

​My name is Priyanka Lalwani and I am an absolute SEO Geek. First and foremost I am a problem solver by nature. I love a challenge from a business owner in need, and present a solution using search marketing. Search Marketing is truly more of an art than a science.

If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization, it’s all about reviewing and shaping the content and structure of your website, to help it get ranked more highly by search engines. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google search results, and that’s why SEO is in such high demand.

​I am also a music producer. When I create a marketing plan I see music. Keywords are my notes and phrasing my cadence. Performing competitive market research, utilizing SEMrush and majesticSEO, I get a quick overview of my prospect and its competitors. Using Screaming Frog, I conduct in-depth research to unravel domains owned and optimized by competitors. This whole process is like a conductor writing a symphony. All the pieces come together in beautiful harmony.

​I am excited to partner with like-minded enthusiastic people who are passionate about growing their businesses. I love research and expanding my knowledge about the business and marketing world.

SEO Resources

Here are my favorite resources:


This is where I go to discover the critical keywords that are the basis of every SEO campaign. I discover seed keywords by punching in a URL on this data provider. It’s so simple to use and also works great to spot missed opportunities with immense potential in the long run.

Pro-tip: While your intent here is to find the best keywords, at the same time you can use this site to determine the kind of content that is driving interest to the website.


I find patterns and opportunities by turning on this plugin on Chrome while pursuing links.

Here’s what you can do: Find the target site, get its URL, punch it into MajesticSEO, go to ref domains menu, choose citation flow in the drop down menu, then click refresh.

Download the data Majestic CEO returns from this search. Use it to find patterns and opportunities. For example: Is there one big site that many of the sites are linking to? These patterns can help you choose a good domain, or good keywords to focus on.


I enter the URL and click start on this offline-tool to study and compare links in detail. It helps me understand existing demographics and partnerships so that I can make smarter decisions.


  1. Identify key assets on the website and figure out how they are being treated by search engines.
  2. Compare profiles of each competitor to identify their core strengths and weaknesses, in particular how other sites are linking back to them.

Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

My keystone philosophy in digital marketing was derived from my favorite book Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.

Priyanka Lalwani

Priyanka is a technically-savvy and ambitious professional with an in-depth understanding of HTML and CSS, and an MBA in Marketing. One of Priyanka’s key strengths is discovering growth opportunities through keyword research, link construction, organic rating, content development, blog optimization, SEO analytics and SEO reporting. She completed certificate courses in “Running Profitable Internet Ad Campaigns” and “Enhanced Web Design” from Stanford University.

Priyanka Lalwani Music Website

Priyanka Lalwani Music Facebook Fan Page



Contact Priyanka by Email:

So what kind of Super Geek are you?

While you ponder this question, enjoy our new video, a cornucopia of geeky devotion from design geeks, video geeks, production geeks, blogging geeks, music geeks and more. It takes a village to raise a music video this geeky!

A big thanks to everyone who made this video possible.

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