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Are You a Super Geek?

Super Geeks

Lately we’ve been so involved in sharing free HTML tutorials that you may have thought we’d put making educational music videos aside. Not the case! We are currently in production on three songs; it’s just that a music video takes a lot of time and resources to bring to fruition. In fact, the video we are sharing today, we did the first production shoot way back in November of 2014, nearly a year ago!

Today’s new video is actually not so much part of the tutorials, rather it’s our new theme song: “Super Geek.” Naturally, it’s a parody of the Rick James song “Super Freak.”

Super Geek Diane Presler

Super Geek Diane Presler came up with the concept for this Super Geek Parody song, and produced the music video

The Rise of the Geek

These days it seems like geekiness is more popular than ever. It’s no longer a shameful thing to admit you geek out about something. From Stephen Colbert’s obsession with Lord of the Rings to the show Big Bang Theory, pop culture is rife with love for—and acceptance of—the geek.

Ekmund Yong filming the Super Geek video

Big thanks to our videographer, Ekmund Yong. This super geek loves to talk tech about cameras.

We believe that at heart the reason this has happened is that all those geeks who loved to tinker and solve problems have used those skills to, well, rule the world. If it weren’t for geeks, there’d be no Internet, no NASA, no Farmville! What a world we can only imagine! (OK…we can certainly imagine life without Farmville…but no video games…the horror!)

Finding Your Inner Super Geek

One thing that happens when people decide to learn to code is that they’re overwhelmed by the choices they face. Which languages should they learn, and in what order? So, to celebrate the launch of our theme song, we’re going to be releasing weekly guest posts to introduce you to different kinds of Super Geeks. These will be short posts from different kinds of coders (or other geeky HTML types), explaining why they became obsessed with this language or that aspect of HTML, followed by some resources for someone who wants to embrace a similar geeky life.

Wordpress Super Geek Karma Bennett

WordPress Super Geek Karma Bennett wrote the lyrics to our anthem.

We do mean obsession, by the way. It is the defining quality of a geek: someone who doesn’t mind when the problems are hard or the project is big, because they can’t get enough of tinkering with it to make it just right. That’s what a music geek has in common with a math geek has in common with a Star Wars geek: all of them can’t get enough of the topic they love. And I hope thinking of it that way will help you find the geeky path for you. What is the thing you love doing, even when it isn’t easy? What is the thing you don’t mind getting caught in the details of doing, where you lose track of time and enjoy the process as much as the finished product? That’s the kind of super geek you are!

Design Super Geek Winnie

Super design geek Winnie created most of the animations in this video.

So what kind of super geek are you? While you ponder this question, enjoy our new video, a cornucopia of geeky devotion from design geeks, video geeks, production geeks, blogging geeks, music geeks and more. It takes a village to raise a music video this geeky!

A big thanks to everyone who made this video possible.

gif of laecharles dancing

Music Geek LaeCharles Lawrence Jr. has a steamer trunk full of moves

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