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Use HTML’s Anchor Tag to Create...

The HTML Anchor Tag

Today we’ll learn the most important HTML code of them all! You will learn how to use the HTML anchor tag ( ) to create links. Since the world wide web isfirst and foremost a collection of links, it wouldn’t exist without the trusty anchor tag we’re going to learn today.

Fun with Flags: Redesigning San Franc...

Arya Zarrinkelk San Franciso Flag Design &copy 2016

I was inspired to give an assignment to my design class to redesign San Francisco’s flag after reading Roman Mars’ Wired magazine article about our current “sucktastic” city flag. These San Francisco Flag sketches were produced during a weekend design class, at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), as a study of design principles, in January […]

Be a Music Distribution Super Geek

Steven Cravis, Music Distribution Super Geek

When we launched our Super Geek theme song, we asked geeks far and wide to tell us about their geek specialties, and to share some sites that helped them along the way. This can help new coders find their own geeky paths, and even get their own super geeky mentors. Yay!

Since this HTML site also produces music videos, it’s no surprise that we know some super musically-inclined geeks. Today we feature Steven Cravis, a geek who is super savvy on music streaming and promotion.

Be an SEO Super Geek

SEO Super Geek Priyanka Lawani with Deal With It glasses meme

We’ve invited some of our favorite super geeks to tell us about their specialty, and to share some links related to it. Today we feature Priyanka Lalwani, to share her passion for search engine optimization (SEO), and some of her favorite tools.

Introduction to CSS: Text Property Su...

css tag

This post is a handy resource of common CSS properties.

Introduction to CSS: Link an External...

CSS external style sheet

In today’s CSS tutorial, you’ll Learn to create an external cascading style sheet and link it to your HTML pages. We’ll explain why you want to use external style sheets, and even show you another use for the href property you use so often in linking urls. By the end of this lesson you’ll be able to change your site’s design in minutes.

Be a Music Production Super Geek

Music Production Super Geek Keith Battle in Deal With It glasses (animated gif)

If you’re new to coding, it can be tricky to find your footing. You want to code, but what kind of coder do you want to be? We recently launched our “Super Geek” theme song which got us thinking about this. We’ve invited some of our favorite super geeks to tell us about their specialty, […]

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