Ever notice how much easier it is to learn a catchy song than it is to bury your face in a textbook for hours?
We noticed that too. That's why we think learning HTML through song is such a great idea.

More music videos

Here's a sample music video to get your toes tapping.

This is a song written by Claude Parnell, YounGnBrilliant, about XHTML standards. (HTML5 song coming soon.)

Here are a few songs to get you humming. Each song will help you remember part of the HTML language. Our catalog features diverse musical styles, from soft acoustic to hip-hop.

We hire up-and-coming independent musicians to craft educational music themed around learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and other scripting languages. Our talented artists work with Diane Presler, a code ninja with decades of experience teaching HTML and working as a web designer. Together they produce songs so addictive you'll want to get them stuck in your head, teaching you the language of the web all day long.

Every song is accompanied by lessons, tips, examples, videos, and more.

Want to Learn HTML and CSS by Singing Along with Indie Bands?